Old AC/DC videos are funny…

After their massive triumph with Back in Black in 1980, and For Those About to Rock We Salute You the following year, AC/DC had to deal with what every other dinosaur rock band of the 80s struggled with – trying to remain relevant in the music video age. Do you ever wonder why most of the Aussie rockers music videos are variations on the five peice playing a big stadium show? These clips, all from the Fly on the Wall home video should shed some light. Come to think of it, something about this whole thing reminds me of Guitar Hero – minus the animated fly.

“Fly on the Wall”


“Sink the Pink”

“Stand Up”

“Shake Your Foundations”

After ditching the concept video from it’s repetoire for years, the band returned with this rather ridiculous clip for “Stiff Upper Lip” in 2000. From the album of the same name, the boys just couldn’t resist carrying the innuendo and double entendres into visual form hosing down the fans from their “stiff upper lip.”

  1. Iiiiireland, Iiiiireland, together standing tall. Shoulder, to shoouuulder, we’ll answer Ireland’s call!

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