Record Review: Hannah Georgas – “This Is Good”

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Hannah Georgas could be the next breakout Canadian star, or she could just as easily flame out in a ball of obscurity. So is the roll of the popular culture dice.

The point is that the title of the Vancouver singer’s This Is Good debut is actually a bit of an undersell — the record is actually quite fantastic. Georgas artfully straddles the indie/pop line like Feist and Emily Haines before her, but her personality should win over any detractors bothered by the artistic overlap. And if that doesn’t, the songs themselves should.

It’s easy to imagine opener “Chit Chat” blaring out of Starbucks speakers, or climbing up the MuchMusic Countdown; the rare bastion of “well, this is actually quite good” amongst the sea of sensitive singer-songwriters and oversexed pop-tarts. Essentially, there’s something for everyone to latch onto here.

If Georgas does hit the big-time, she’ll quickly be cast off by the indie crowd as too calculated and commercial. And if she never makes it, This Is Good will be held up as a great “should have been huge” cult album.

Either way, you should check it out now so you can say “I told you so.”

Hannah Georgas – Chit Chat

“Thick Skin”

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