Record Review: D-Sisive – “Vaudeville”

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While he will no doubt be eclipsed by that other Canadian MC with a D in his name, Derek Christoff (a.k.a. D-Sisive) has quickly established himself as the nation’s pre-eminent MC, dropping three albums in the last 18 months alone, not to mention numerous singles and EPs.

His latest, Vaudeville, comes a mere half-year after Jonestown, and sees the Ontario artist continue to reinterpret ’90s boom-bap beats through his dark and twisted mind. Christoff continues to weave obtuse pop-culture references into his rhymes, checking Lady Gaga (“Ray Charles (Looking For A Star)”) and Britney Spears (“The Riot Song”) in the process.

The not-so subtle nods to the mainstream are a great anchor for anyone new to the MC’s work. But they’re also a declaration that while Christoff is all too aware the mainstream rap/pop world, he’s content to continue operating in his own sphere, and at his own frantic pace, for some time to come.

“Ray Charles (Looking For a Star)”

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