Record Review: Jake & the Leprechauns – “At Midnight, the Birdsong”

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With so much music at our fingertips these days, a terrible moniker can be enough even for casual fans to dismiss a band sight unseen. So for Sherbrooke, Que. band Jake And The Leprechauns, look at who they’ve worked with (Bob Egan, Jim Bryson, Andy Creegan) and move on.

The group are led by Charles-Antoine Gosselin and Philippe Custeau. Their third record mixes folk, indie and touches of bar band rock, creating an expansive sound that reigns in and builds off the their previous work. Where tracks on A Long Dash (Followed by Ten Seconds of Silence), felt like the work of two songwriters combining their powers, At Midnight, The Birdsong sees the duo working as one as on opener “When The Flood Came.” The band’s eclectic sonic experiments continue to push forward like on the surprisingly muscular “A Unified Theory of Everything.”

So please, excuse the shitty name and just check this album out.

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