Incoming: Indian Handcrafts

Admittedly, I don’t go out to enough small, local shows here in Toronto. Between all the shows I review and my age (pushing 30) I just can’t keep up with the kids anymore.

This Saturday night though I mustered the energy to head down to the Bovine Sex Club to see Lost Cities and Greys, who were both awesome. Thankfully though, I managed to make it in time to see local openers Indian Handcrafts, who just killed it with their short, punishing set which included a nice Fu Manchu cover.

A guitar and drums duo use lots of tape samples and effects to create some truly unique sounds, including a guitar tone that makes the axe sound like an organ. Guitarist Dan Allen’s single note riffs groove like old-school Rage Against the Machine being dragged across the tracks towards an oncoming train. It’s a nice, vibe.

A quick Google search leads me to believe that Allen and drummer Brandyn Aikins (who both share vocal duties) are also in Fox Jaws, meaning that either this is a side project or that band has split-up.

The duo has a three track CD-R that they’re selling off the stage. I foolishly didn’t buy one, and I can’t find any mp3s to link to so for now both you and I are left with their Myspace page. If these dudes are playing near you anytime soon, go see them.

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