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Nirvana: MTV Live & Loud

I know the music industry is quickly going down the tubes, but you’d think someone would step in figure out a way to monetize MTV and MuchMusic’s massive archives of interviews and performances. Or maybe I’m just searching for something I lost years ago (ie: my youth).

Like my previous posts a couple weeks back, I found this old concert on YouTube with little trouble. There are lots of live Nirvana boots floating around, but this has good quality picture and sound and it’s from the In Utero tour that featured former Germs and future Foo Fighter guitarist Pat Smear with the band.

The show took place on December 13, 1993 and MTV aired it on New Year’s Eve. There’s a new boot of the show floating around called Feels Like the First Time with a bunch of other live-to-air stuff tacked on the end.

New Video: JEFF the Brotherhood – “Six Pack”

One of my favourite bands of the past few years are Nashville duo JEFF the Brotherhood. The real-life brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall, drop their latest full-length, Hypnotic Knights on July 17, on Infinity Cat with distro via Warner Bros. Check out the apropos fun-in-the-sun video for “Six Pack” below.

Blind Melon – MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive

Found this on youtube. Very excited. I love Blind Melon‘s second record, Soup.

Green Day: Jaded In Chicago (Full Concert)

New Video: Kitty Pryde – “Okay Cupid”

Teenage MC Kitty Pryde is what happens when you give Ellen Paige’s Juno the mic. A brilliant mix of self-awareness wrapped in a protective blanket of pop-culture name-dropping and self-obsession. This song reveals more about teenage girls in 2012 than any social network, vampire novel or magazine article.

Stream: Hermetic – “Civilized City”

Given the recent reunion of Kingston via Halifax duo, the Inbreds, now seems as good a time as any to mention lo-fi indie pair Hermetic.

Like the Inbreds, and Winnipeg’s Duotang, Hermetic rock the high-end of the low-end, delivering some melodic bass lines along with their fuzzed up indie pop a la the mid-90s Halifax pop explosion spearheaded by Murder Records.

Made up of bassist- singer Eric Axen and drummer-singer Bart Newman, the pair have been playing together since 2007. Civilized City is their debut.


Photo: EMA @ the Garrison, Toronto 03/13/2012

Photo: Nü Sensae @ the Garrison, Toronto 03/13/2012

Incoming: California X – “Sucker” & “Mummy”

In case it hasn’t been made clear through some of my recent posts, I’ve been really digging the resurgence in interest in distorted, heavy guitars in underground circles. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that I grew up a riff-obsessed teenager in the 90s post-grunge distortion-a-thon.

But bands like the Men and now Amherst, MA’s California X harken back to the 80s American indie underground, as glorified by Michael Azzerad’s influential book, Our Band Could Be Your Life.

Their debut single “Sucker” an epic riff fest, was recorded by  Justin Pizzoferrato, who worked on both of Dinosaur Jr.’s post reunion albums Beyond and Farm and Sonic Youth’s The Eternal as well as Thurston Moore and J. Mascis’s recent solo albums. It’s out now on the Sounds of Sweet Nothing.

Check out “Sucker” and its B-side “Mummy” below.



Video: Rich Aucoin – “P:U:S:H”

Look, I really like Rich Aucoin, okay?