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Incoming: the Dirty Nil – “Summer Mixtape”

Last year, Dundas, ON rockers the Dirty Nil dropped the pretty rad single “Fuckin’ Up Young” backed by the equally awesome “Verona Lung.”

Now, after impressing with appearances at Canadian Music Week and NXNE,  the boys are back with a new 4-track summer mixtape, which they’re offering up for free via their Bandcamp page.

The mixtape includes the aforementioned “Fuckin’ Up Young,” for which they shot a video which you can watch below. It also includes three new tracks.

In the press release for the mix, the band blame “drinking, playing shows, shooting guns, blowing shit up, breaking limbs, recording, skating, fireworks, drinking, eating french fries, forgetting things, movies, fighting each other, rock n roll, going to shows, and drinking” as the reasons behind the long gap between releases. Seems reasonable to me.

The mix is only available until Monday, September 24, after which it will “be gone forever.” The band’s next seven-inch drops the next day, September 25.

The band leave us with the parting words: “Remember to play the songs as LOUD as humanly possible!” Natch.



Stream: Hermetic – “Civilized City”

Given the recent reunion of Kingston via Halifax duo, the Inbreds, now seems as good a time as any to mention lo-fi indie pair Hermetic.

Like the Inbreds, and Winnipeg’s Duotang, Hermetic rock the high-end of the low-end, delivering some melodic bass lines along with their fuzzed up indie pop a la the mid-90s Halifax pop explosion spearheaded by Murder Records.

Made up of bassist- singer Eric Axen and drummer-singer Bart Newman, the pair have been playing together since 2007. Civilized City is their debut.


Incoming: The Men – “Ex-Dreams”

Brooklyn’s The Men (not to be confused with Le Tigre-related band MEN) hit my radar sometime last year with their excellent sophomore release Leave Home, a record that blended the best bits of hardcore, psychedelia and general noise. So its no surprise that I’ve been eagerly anticipating their next album Open Your Heart. 

The title track hit the internet at the end of last month and revealed that the band had turned themselves into an SST loving punk act without losing their core identity. Now “Ex-Dreams” ups the anti further, wrapping the band in the swirling noise and catchy hooks of Hükser Dü’s Zen Arcade.

Open Your Heart drops March 6 on Sacred Bones.


Incoming: Moonlight Bride – “Lemonade”

Chattanooga, TN (yes, that’s a real place) crew Moonlight Bride have found a nice middle ground in the indie world walking a thin line between the slinky post-punk of Joy Division and the swirling shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine.

“Lemonade” is the first song released off the band’s forthcoming EP Twin Lake. On top of perfectly showcasing the band’s musical dichotomy it’s got a nice anthemic quality to it, and kind of feels like the soundtrack to a deleted  One Tree Hill Scene (in my world, this is a compliment).

Twin Lake is out  Feb. 28.

Incoming: Wooden Shjips – “Crossing Remix (Andrew Weatherall)”

Who’d have thought that West Coast psychedelia and European dance would go together so well?

San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips managed to score famed British DJ Andrew Weatherall – he of Primal Scream’s “Loaded” fame – to turn the buzzy swirl of last year’s “Crossing” from their West LP into a  slinky, dubby bass driven anthem. Wooden Shjips drop Remixes 12″, also featuring a selection reworked by  Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom, on February 21 on Thrill Jockey.

Check out “Crossing Remix (Andrew Weatherall)” on Soundcloud below.


Incoming: The Dirty Nil – “Fucking Up Young”

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Hamilton, ON trio the Dirty Nil have been toiling away for a few years now, netting themselves a Hamilton Music Award for Best New Band in 2008 and releasing the Saccharine Visceral EP on Southern Ontario label Wolfshirt Records back in 2009. Now the group are looking to get their music heard on a wider scale, something their recently released seven-inch should do handily.

A-side “Fuckin’ Up Young” is the best slab of Blue Album-era Weezer we’ve heard in years. But where Rivers comes across as the victim, Dirty Nil guitarist/frontman Luke Bentham plays the pissed-off kid who ain’t taking no more shit. Of course, it all comes to a head in the massive chorus that takes the message of the Specials’ “Too Much Too Young” and amps it up to 11.

Brand New Ceremony – “Not Tonight”

Virginia rockers Ceremony (this Ceremony, not that equally awesome one) have offered up the title track off their forthcoming EP Not Tonight. Like the tracks on their debut, Rocketfire, “Not Tonight” filters My Bloody Valentine fuzz, Jesus and Mary Chain aggression and New Order melodicism into beautifully blissed-out noise. The EP is out April 5 on Custom Made Music.

Ceremony – Not Tonight


Incoming: Shimmering Stars/Bedrooms of the Nation

It’s not often these days that I get to hype a band from my hometown. But a friend of mine hipped me to this quartet based out of Vancouver a while back. They play in two bands, both of them quite awesome.

Shimmering Stars have a retro 60s pop vibe to them, covering stark tunes in cold reverb and warm melodies. They’ve got a four-song seven-inch available here with a full-length due next spring.

Shimmering Stars – “I’m Gonna Try”

Bedrooms of the Nation on the other hand take a more modern approach, albeit retaining Shimmering Stars lo-fi approach. Bedrooms engage in heavy guitar riffing, punctuated by passages of stark-minimalism, held together by soaring vocal melodies. You can get a handful of mp3s by emailing the band at

Bedrooms of the Nation – “Stars Burned Out”

If Shimmering Stars are these guys emoting with their heart, Bedrooms of the Nation are coming straight from the balls. Both are absolutely worthy of your time and money.

Incoming: Indian Handcrafts

Admittedly, I don’t go out to enough small, local shows here in Toronto. Between all the shows I review and my age (pushing 30) I just can’t keep up with the kids anymore.

This Saturday night though I mustered the energy to head down to the Bovine Sex Club to see Lost Cities and Greys, who were both awesome. Thankfully though, I managed to make it in time to see local openers Indian Handcrafts, who just killed it with their short, punishing set which included a nice Fu Manchu cover.

A guitar and drums duo use lots of tape samples and effects to create some truly unique sounds, including a guitar tone that makes the axe sound like an organ. Guitarist Dan Allen’s single note riffs groove like old-school Rage Against the Machine being dragged across the tracks towards an oncoming train. It’s a nice, vibe.

A quick Google search leads me to believe that Allen and drummer Brandyn Aikins (who both share vocal duties) are also in Fox Jaws, meaning that either this is a side project or that band has split-up.

The duo has a three track CD-R that they’re selling off the stage. I foolishly didn’t buy one, and I can’t find any mp3s to link to so for now both you and I are left with their Myspace page. If these dudes are playing near you anytime soon, go see them.

Incoming: Kids & Explosions

Yesterday, one of my new obsessions, Babe Rainbow aka Cameron Reed tweeted about mysterious producer Kids & Explosions, “who makes songs by stealing other people’s songs and making them worse.” He had in turn heard about through Gorillavsbear.

Kids & Explosions are basically Girl Talk’s bratty little brother and Shit Computer is basically a kick to Greg Gillis’s hairy face. Like Girl Talk Kids & Explosions boldly mixes well-know indie and classic rock riffs with hip-hop verses. But where  Gillis kind of just beat-matches and then lets it ride (particularly on 2008’s Feed the Animals), Kids & Explosions grabs the tunes by the collective balls and manipulates them to his own whims, chopping and cutting them up until they resemble something else entirely. So while there’s still the joy of recognition with each new sample that’s introduced, but the whole is far more than the sum of its parts.

Yeah, yeah, without Girl Talk, Kids & Explosions probably wouldn’t even exist, but so is life in the pop-culture hype machine. I stand by what I said until Gillis drops a new record blah, blah blah, whatever. Listen and enjoy.

UPDATE: A quick Google search has revealed that Kids & Explosions is, in fact, Josh Raskin, the Toronto director who made the Oscar nominated short I Met the Walrus.

Shit Computer can be gotten here. It’s pay-what-you-can.

Kids & Explosions – There Is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outter Space