Extra Credit Reading

A Paler Shade of White – The New Yorker, by Sasha Frere-Jones

Has indie rock lost it’s soul?

The Trouble with Indie Rock – Slate, by Carl Wilson

Wilson’s response to Frere-Jones – It’s not just race. It’s class.

Is Indie Dead?–  Paste Magazine, by Rachael Maddux

A state of the union for the not-so-underground.

The Social History of the mp3 – Pitchfork, by Eric Harvey

Examining the many ways in which the mp3 changed music over the last decade.

Dubstep Souljahs Audio Doc – BBC Radio 1, by Mary Anne Hobbs

A guide to the genre from chief evangelist Mary Anne Hobbs.

50 Greatest Hip-Hop Samples of All Time – Complex.com, Kon + Amir

A pretty self explanatory list with audio clips of the originals and the sampled version.

Low Fidelity – Ryerson Review of Journalism, by Jessica Lewis

Why aren’t music critics critical anymore?

A Reader & Writer’s Guide to Reading Writing about Music – Vice Magazine

What about the title don’t you get?

Siskel & Ebert on How to be a Film Critic – Roger Ebert’s Chicago Sun-Times Blog

An oldie but a goodie.

A rock-radio reality Check – AV Club, by Steven Hyden

The hazey Internet reality you operate in isn’t real.