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Green Day: Jaded In Chicago (Full Concert)

Classic Footage: Green Day – Jaded in Chicago

Here’s a gem of a find. Much Music used to play this concert way back in the day, when they used to play concerts on a semi-regular basis. In fact, I think I have a VHS tape with this on it somewhere at my parents house. So the gig is from way back in 1994 when they were just starting to really take off. What I love about this gig is that Green Day are still throwing in quite a few tracks from their early EPs and albums like their opener “Going to Pasalaqua.” And while the last time I saw the band (on the Warning tour) they were still playing a couple of those old tunes, I suspect it wasn’t long after this concert that they dumped most of those songs from their set. It’s also refreshing to see the band full of self-confidence from their success, but not yet full of the kind of false self-importance making a concept record tends to give musicians.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I wanted to get the whole concert here and unfortunately whoever posted it on youtube cut it up into individual tracks.

Going to Pasalaqua




Coming Clean

When I Come Around

Welcome to Paradise

2000 Light Years Away


I Was Alone/Dominated Love Slave


Paper Lanterns

Christie Road