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Blind Melon – MuchMusic Intimate & Interactive

Found this on youtube. Very excited. I love Blind Melon‘s second record, Soup.

MuchMusic Doesn't Suck, You're Just Old

muchmusic1If you haven’t already heard, CTVglobemedia laid off 105 employees earlier this month. The bulk of the cuts occurred at the company’s arts and entertainment channels, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic and Bravo. MuchMoreMusic had its staff gutted, and Much canned two of their best shows, the NewMusic and Going Coastal (and my friend and former Going Coastal host Paul Brothers with it).

Fittingly, EYE WEEKLY’s cover story last week concerned the ongoing fortunes of “The Nation’s Music Station.” Some say it sucks, others say those viewers that believe that line are just too damn old. Whichever side of the arguement you come down on the story, written by Chandler Levack (with a pair of nifty sidebars written by yours truly), is worth reading.