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New Video: Grimes – “Oblivion”

I’ve written about my love for Grimes in the past, so I’ve been easing off a little with the release of her latest, most excellent album Visions. However I felt compelled to post this latest video for the track “Oblivion” because it’s the first time we get to see Grimes, aka Claire Boucher acting playful and more or less being herself in a sense.

In previous vids, Boucher comes across as aloof and mysterious, which is part of what has made her so appealing – we don’t just want more of her music, we want more of her. ¬†With “Oblivion” she gives it to us, but just enough to satiate our appetites. The scenes in the sports stadiums are the most off-the-cuff, while the staged scenes with the buffed up body-builders and the jarhead football fans reinforce her mysteriousness and power.

Boucher and director Emily Kai Bock sat down with Pitchfork to discuss the clip for P4K’s Director’s Cut. Check out “Oblivion” below.