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New Video: Grimes – “Oblivion”

I’ve written about my love for Grimes in the past, so I’ve been easing off a little with the release of her latest, most excellent album Visions. However I felt compelled to post this latest video for the track “Oblivion” because it’s the first time we get to see Grimes, aka Claire Boucher acting playful and more or less being herself in a sense.

In previous vids, Boucher comes across as aloof and mysterious, which is part of what has made her so appealing – we don’t just want more of her music, we want more of her. ¬†With “Oblivion” she gives it to us, but just enough to satiate our appetites. The scenes in the sports stadiums are the most off-the-cuff, while the staged scenes with the buffed up body-builders and the jarhead football fans reinforce her mysteriousness and power.

Boucher and director Emily Kai Bock sat down with Pitchfork to discuss the clip for P4K’s Director’s Cut. Check out “Oblivion” below.

The Onion strikes down indie rock hubris

the-onion-logoAs a bastion of printed satire, pretty much no one touches The Onion in terms of quality and relevance. No one is spared their sharp pens be it politicians, celebrities, athletes and yes, even musicians.

The Onion has waded into the music realm before, chronicling a fatal stampede at a Yo La Tengo Concert, Marilyn Manson’s latest promotional efforts and P4K’s final word on music.

The website is once again stirring the pot, this time taking aim and Radiohead and the many wannabe bands that were spawned in it’s wake. Check out “Radiohead Denies Influencing Local Band

Ben Folds (indirectly) responds to Torq Campbell's (fake) call out

benfolds2Last night Ben Folds played an excellent set at the Kool Haus here in Toronto. He and his four piece band delivered a slew of stuff from his latest record Way To Normal including a pair of the leaked fake tracks while mixing in a lot of old favourites like “Alice Childress,” “Philosophy,” “Annie Waits” and a phenomenal version of “Army.” Having never seen Folds back in his heyday with The Five, I was obviously stoked. Good times had by all.


During the set, Ben took a minute to discuss some controversy that had been stirred up earlier in the day. While on Laurie Brown’s CBC Radio 2 show, he described Do Make Say Think/Broken Social Scene member Charles Spearin‘s new record The Happiness Project as “bad spa music.” Someone claiming to be Torq Campbell from Stars, and using Stars myspace page then wrote a blog post calling folds a MOR has-been, a hipster and an asshole all for just not digging a record. Folds wanted to clear things up last night, explaining that he actually meant the “bad spa music” quip as a compliment and that he actually quite liked the Charles Spearin track Brown played. Further he said that anyone whose writing on blogs about the debacle should (and yes, I do see the irony in me writing about this) “write a politician or something.” He made no mention of Campbell specifically though he did cite the pitchfork post about the blog post.

Anyway, to further complicate matters, today Campbell issued a statement explaining that he never wrote the original blog post and that Stars myspace page had been hacked. They’ve since changed the password he says.

So to recap, Folds never insulted anybody and Campbell didn’t write an angry rant about the non-insult. If anything came of this it’s that a whole lot of people now know who Charles Spearin is. You can get a good sense of the whole debacle by reading the P4K post here.

Ben Folds Five – “Army”

P4K: Best of 2008 – The Visuals

P4K usually does a good job with the end of the year-end wrap up kind of thing, and this year is no exception. While everyone else (and their dog) is posting/publishing their best albums of ’08 lists a month early, the venerable tastemakers in Chi-town have fulfilled the V side of A/V with their choices for the best videos and photos (from their site) of the year. Props for including fan videos in their selections – innovative fan clips are quickly stepping in to replace the ever-shrinking music video budgets offered by labels, proving that while music videos were thought up by the industry as a way to sell more records, fans recognized artistic merit when they see it.

P4K – 2008: The Year in Photos

P4K – Best Videos of 2008