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Record Review: PS I Love You – “Death Dreams”

Kingston, ON duo PS I Love You blazed a bright and noisy path on their debut, Meet Me at the Muster Station, inventing a type of punk rock prog in the process. Yet singer/guitarist Paul Saulnier has managed to out-noodle himself, delivering more guitar licks per second on Death Dreams.

Stronger songwriting, with hooks that sink in deep upon first listen, gives Saulnier this freedom, while drummer Benjamin Nelson keeps the pair in a locked groove. The album isn’t a total shred fest though ― closing cut “First Contact” starts off with Saulnier alone on acoustic guitar, while half-time rocker “Saskatoon” is a nice antidote to the band’s usual four-on-the-floor tempo and a highlight on the album’s exceptionally strong back half. Cleaner production also gives us a clearer idea as to what Saulnier’s howling on about as well.

Death Dreams is the perfect example of a “same but better” second outing giving fans more of what they love while presenting something new to consider for those who weren’t sucked in the first time around.

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