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Incoming: California X – “Sucker” & “Mummy”

In case it hasn’t been made clear through some of my recent posts, I’ve been really digging the resurgence in interest in distorted, heavy guitars in underground circles. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given that I grew up a riff-obsessed teenager in the 90s post-grunge distortion-a-thon.

But bands like the Men and now Amherst, MA’s California X harken back to the 80s American indie underground, as glorified by Michael Azzerad’s influential book, Our Band Could Be Your Life.

Their debut single “Sucker” an epic riff fest, was recorded by  Justin Pizzoferrato, who worked on both of Dinosaur Jr.’s post reunion albums Beyond and Farm and Sonic Youth’s The Eternal as well as Thurston Moore and J. Mascis’s recent solo albums. It’s out now on the Sounds of Sweet Nothing.

Check out “Sucker” and its B-side “Mummy” below.



Incoming: The Men – “Ex-Dreams”

Brooklyn’s The Men (not to be confused with Le Tigre-related band MEN) hit my radar sometime last year with their excellent sophomore release Leave Home, a record that blended the best bits of hardcore, psychedelia and general noise. So its no surprise that I’ve been eagerly anticipating their next album Open Your Heart. 

The title track hit the internet at the end of last month and revealed that the band had turned themselves into an SST loving punk act without losing their core identity. Now “Ex-Dreams” ups the anti further, wrapping the band in the swirling noise and catchy hooks of Hükser Dü’s Zen Arcade.

Open Your Heart drops March 6 on Sacred Bones.


Incoming: Cousins – “Jules”

Cousins have been flopping around the Halifax DIY scene for a while now delivering some garagey pop gems on a number of releases, including their cleverly named split cassette with Duz He Knew, DUZ/CUZ. 

Sophomore full-length The Palm at the End of the Mind should help raise their profile outside Atlantic Canada. It drops March 20 via Saved By Vinyl.

Check out/download “Jules” below.

Incoming: Wooden Shjips – “Crossing Remix (Andrew Weatherall)”

Who’d have thought that West Coast psychedelia and European dance would go together so well?

San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips managed to score famed British DJ Andrew Weatherall – he of Primal Scream’s “Loaded” fame – to turn the buzzy swirl of last year’s “Crossing” from their West LP into a  slinky, dubby bass driven anthem. Wooden Shjips drop Remixes 12″, also featuring a selection reworked by  Spaceman 3’s Sonic Boom, on February 21 on Thrill Jockey.

Check out “Crossing Remix (Andrew Weatherall)” on Soundcloud below.